Monday, October 27, 2008

Restoran Phang Key - OUG

Nikky came and find me and Scott for breakfast. He brought us to Restoran Phang Key in OUG for dim sum. Nikky, who has been there once and only knows that this restoran located in OUG --> no address at all. Haha. We directed him to Taman OUG and he called for help and we managed to find this restaurant, located quite deep in the housing area.
How can be a dimsum eating out without siu mai (pork dumpling) and har gao (prawn dumpling) right? The siumai was ok and the har gao tasted quite nice but only the skin is not wrapped tight enough. Once you use your chopstick and pick it up, the inner part all fell off (or is it my skill lousy?).
The Yao Char Gwai (left) and the fuchuk (right) tasted quite nice.

The Fong Jao (chicken feet) was tastey! The fishball paste on top of a tofu (right) was not bad.
The prawn siumai (bottom left) was okay, prawn dumpling (right) was nice, and the peidan siumai (top left).
2 plates of Chee Cheong Fun, quite standard taste, and the WuKok (Yam) was tastey.
The small plate of dimsum cost RM2.80 and big plate dimsum cost RM3. I think the chee cheong fun and wukok cost RM4 if I am not mistaken. This was what 3 of us had, more than 10 plates of dimsum and other things. Just because Nikky and Scott want me to try out the variety for me to blog about it and I think we did over-ordered. Stomach was so fulled the whole day. Haha.

I do not have the address but I can give you the directions. If you are coming from old klang road (from Mid Valley direction), if you see Plaza OUG (there is a Parkson inside) --> turn left at traffic light. Then keep right and turn right at the traffic light. Go straight and turn left at the second traffic light (first traffic light cannot turn left). Then go all the way straight, pass the shops and pass the housing area until a big cross junction --> turn right, and the restaurant will be on your left (Jalan Sedap).

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