Friday, October 24, 2008

Nose Shoes

Wanted to buy shoes for quite some time already but couldnt see something that I like. Maybe I limit the budget too low I think, that's why couldnt buy any. I thought RM35 can buy a decent pair of shoes but I was wrong I guess. Plus I am not a "shoe person" (I only have 5 pairs of shoes - sport shoes, ballerina shoes, slippers, 2 heels), so its quite hard for me to buy shoes. So I decided to raise my budget slightly higher so that I can buy a pair of shoes. My ballerina shoes for walking is really fully utilized by me until it really cannot stand already (the skin came off, the bottom peeled off). So I am soooooo desperate to buy shoes!

Today after lunch and went to Nose KLCC to see see look look with Phui Yee, a shoecaholic (shoe-shopaholic --> you cant even imagine how many pairs of shoes she owned). I told her that I am looking for a pair of walking shoes that I can walk to work everyday and a pair of heels that can I wear to pak toh. We tried quite a number of pairs and I trust her taste to say which one looks nice on me (or on her as well).

Bought this black peep-toe (now peep-toe is so IN) for RM55.90. Is only 1.5 inch high and the material is slightly cushion type, so is quite comfortable. So i decided to wear this to office as walking shoes.Then I bought this red heels (quite daring for me!) for RM53.90 cause it looks so sexy. The heels are like 2.5 inch tall, and the material is also not bad, got ribbon somemore (I couldn't resist anything with ribbons, and is quite comfortable). Now need to think of what dress / clothes to match this heels.

They are having promotion now --> buy more than RM100 is entitled to RM10 coupon. They deduct the RM10 on the spot. My total is RM109.90 but they deduct RM10, so i just need to pay RM99.80. Is like a 10% discount.

Really need to thanks Phui Yee for accompanying me to buy shoes. Whoever wanna buy shoes can tag her along, she will give you honest opinions. Now, I so wanna buy another few pairs of shoes!

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