Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Gladys

There has been a huge rage on Gladiator shoes / sandals recently. You must be wondering what is a gladiator shoes. Is similar to the movies "Troy" or "Gladiator". At that era, the shoes look nice on men and women as that time it matches the clothes that they are wearing, Greek-type of clothes.

MIA Women's Empire Glad

At first look, I thought the gladiator shoes looks awkward and didnt even bother to try on in the shopping complex. I wonder why all the gladiator shoes posted in the online shops all sold out extremely fast. It has been restocking for thousands time and it was sold out when I look at it.

Until one day, boy boy said this type of shoe looks good, can match with mini skirt and shorts. Because of his words, I bought myself a pair from an online shop (so happen to have my size and available stock) - RM55. Normally I do not buy shoes online as I could not try it on but the shops in shopping complex are selling 20% higher. So I decided to take a risk.

Actually the shoe fits me but the front part is a bit too short....see my toes are a little bit longer then the base. But anyway, I am quite happy how it turns out. At least I have a proper sandals and not flip flop. Caught my shoes in action, picture credited to Michelle.
Now I am looking for a different type of gladys:Jessica Bennett Jilt

Steven by Steve Madden Ginn

Looks cool isnt it?


Sue Anne said...

these were a hit when i was in japan in summer!

siewmun said...

Oh really! Should have ask you to tumpany buy one pair for me!
These type of shoes follow fashion one le...if fashion not IN anymore, it looks quite weird.