Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Eye Shadow Palette

"I wan eye shadow paletter with 6 to 8 colors in it, i like pink, green, brown, purple, etc. Any suggestion ??? Any brand has it ?" - Annie

Normally it is very difficult to find a palette that has all your favourite colors in it except you choose the single color one by one and incorporate inside a palette. By doing this, the palette will have all your favourite colors, but it can cost you a bomb. That's how my makeup palette looks like.

Normally the palette will come in similar tone of colors so that it is easier to match with each other. For colors liks pink and green, which are 2 extreme colors are hard to find them together in one palette. The brands that have at least 6 colors in a palette that I found from their website are as follows:
Pic credited to www.lancome-usa.com

Lancome Color Design Artist Palette. The color not interesting enough, might not be what you want as this palette is more towards natural and nude colors.

Pic credited to www.maccosmetics.com

MAC Manish Arora 6 Color Palette. This palette looks colorful enough, comes with a brush and mirror. The packaging is very nice though. I do not know whether is available in Malaysia.

Pic credited to www.shuuemura.com
Shu Uemura Palette Fleur De Terre Limited Edition - RM180. They have 3 types of palettes, but this one has the most color that you require - Pink, Brown and Green. The white can be used as highlight. The dark brown is very useful as well as it can create a smokey eye look if you know how to blend it.

Pic credited to www.shuuemura.com

Shu Uemura Limited Edition Mika Holiday Collection Eye Color Palette - Adroned Marguerite. I dont think this is available in Malaysia yet as this is quite new. This palette has all the colors that you require - Pink, Green, Purple n Brown. The black is good for smokey eyes as well. Guess you have to wait for this palette to come to Malaysia if you really want this.

As for me, I will give Shu Uemura a try as their palette is really really interesting and their limited edition packaging is very nice.

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