Monday, October 27, 2008

Elements Shoes

My fetish for shoes continues. I always like Elements (they have boutique in The Curve and Pyramid) clothing as they have good quality working clothes at an affordable price, nice cutting as well. I have 2 pants and 2 skirts bought from Elements. Never look at their shoe collection before until my mum bought a pair of Mary Jane ballerina type of shoe from there. Therefore, decided to continue my hunt for shoes there.

Elements pricing is like 10%-15% higher than Nose shoes but I think is quite reasonable considering their shoes are more comfortable than Nose. I was hunting for a black high heels which has the elegant look. I tried a few and I love this peep-toe with ribbon on top.

The material is like a PVC-kind shiny material and it is like 3.5" high. Anyway, I made sure that when I wore this pair of heels, I will not be taller than my boy boy. Haha. Bought this pair of heels for RM69.

I suppose to buy ONE pair of heels only, but when I saw this pair (bottom pic), I told myself that I really need to own this pair! It looked so cute with the ribbon (I told you that I cant resist anything with ribbons) and the heels was just nice. Beige color is quite easy to match clothes. Ended up I bought this for RM59.

The Elements shoe box comes with a hole at the side. I assume that when you stack your shoe boxes, you can see what shoe is inside the box, and no need to flip open every box to find your preferred shoe. I think this is good for people who owns like more than 10 pairs of shoes.

Definately will visit Elements again if I am hunting for some nice shoes.

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