Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dejavu - Fiberwig Mascara

This is another product that I heard rave reviews on it. Having small eyes + inner double eyelit means that I got to have a good mascara that can elongate my lashes. Since CLEO magazine has this exchange program coupon for mascara in SASA Cineleisure, I exchanged it with my Loreal mascara.

My dad did the exchange for me, and he was in the line for 1 hour & 15 minutes. Not that they have a long Q. Is just that the coupon said 10am (my dad reach there at 10am and the 6th person waiting) and the sales girl came in at 11am then only open the shop at 11.15am after they makeup despite 20 ppl waiting outside. My dad was so angry. I was angry as well when he told me the story. If you open at 11am, just state in the coupon as 11am la. And when you reach, seeing so many people waiting, just open the shop la. Wasting people's time only. Another thing was that I already filled up the couple with my personal details, the SASA girls ask them fill up the same thing again for redemption, stupid or wat???? I blacklist SASA at Cineleisure liao.

OK, I am suppose to do a review here. But the first impression was very bad liao. Since it was an exchange program, you cant choose the color. I got a brown color. It came in a small red bag (like a wallet thingy, but the fur is very sticky, that's why I threw it away liao) without any packaging, which means without any instructions on how to use it. I highlighted this is because the usage is the other way round = you apply mascara first then you curl your lash. Normally is curl first then apply.

I followed the instruction, but it just lengthen up a little bit. Not that "super curl with length" that this product claimed. I do not know the expiry date of this product (as it was an exchange program without packaging), but it did cause itchiness and irritates my eyes (my tears keep coming out). 3 times of usage, 3 times also like that. That's it. I am not using this anymore and I am not spending a penny on this product.

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