Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Dainty - Collagen Mask

I always prefer moisture sheet mask, which is much more convenient and fast. I have tried lots of different types of brands until I came across this one during Watson Sales. I stopped at the Dainty counter and the manager came and talk to me "this is very good ... everyone used also said very nice ... they come back for more ... all in one ... we having promotion ... I can give you another free piece ..."

Ok ok, I have a weakness for persistant sales people. Ended up I bought this to try. At first when I opened it, the smell was a bit orangey, lemoney smell, "gam gam dei" like that.

On the package, it claims that "All In One Collagen Mask is specially formulated with rich Collagen (That's what we are lacking as we get older) extracts to help retain skin moisture to its natural, healthy state. The highly concentrated nourishing mask invigorates and firms up your facial contours while minimizing wrinkles (That's the magic word!), fine lines and puffiness. Helping your skin to be more supple and firm".

Quite a big claim though. But I can say it did perform as what it claims. Take aside the smell, the mask itself is full of essence (I hope is the collagen extracts) and when I remove it, I feel my skin did firm up and feel moistured. Just love it.

This product is made in Australia and it is selling at Watson for RM29.90 for 5 pieces. You can wait for Watson Sales then it will become RM23.90. When your skin needs some boost, this is the one. Worth every single sen.

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