Sunday, October 12, 2008

Clinique - All About Eyes

I have been changing my skincare brand quite frequently ranging from affordable ones (Loreal, Oil of Olay) to mid-range (Clarins) to slightly expensive ones (Estee Lauder). Of course I still cant afford the very very expensive ones.

I am struggling to find a good eye cream for my eyes. Most of them that I tried are oily and it caused tiny biji of oil below my eyes, and mind you the oil biji is very painful to be squeezed out by my beautician. It is much more painful then squeezing a pimple! I mean I was the one in PAIN ok.

At one time, I have totally stop using eye cream as I just couldnt find the correct brand. I gave up as I thought that I do not have eye bags or dark circles (lucky me), I only have sleepy eyes (this cant be helped, I was born with those eyes), so I do not need an eye cream.

However, it strikes me when my beautician told me that I have fine lines below my eyes! OMG, I cant accept that! it means that I am getting older! Ya I know I am aging (we are all aging ok), but I just couldnt accept that! FINE LINES = women's worst enemy.

So, I decided to hunt for the correct eye cream no matter how much it takes. Boy boy being a loyal user of Clinique prompted me to try out clinique brand. So, I bought "All About Eyes" - RM130 for 5ml.

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I know, is a bit expensive for such a small volume, but it does Wonders! I have been using for 4 months now and is 3/4 of the bottle volume gone. It is light-weighted, smooth-textured and most importantly not oily at all. It is absorbed into the skin within one second. Of course, it takes time to reduce the existing fine lines. But I am working hard to prevent new ones forming.

As a whole, love this product!

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