Friday, October 17, 2008

Bobbi Brown - Powder Compact Foundation

Ooo..this is my first post on cosmetic, am I? Being a makeup artist myself, I have lots of cosmetic stuffs that I can give reviews on it. But I decided to start with my own personal makeup kit first, which I am using these stuffs everyday.

Being recommended by Jocelyn (a friend of mine who always use branded stuffs and has sensitive skin), I bought this Brightening Powder Compact Foundation SPF 20 PA++ Warm Sand by Bobbi Brown (This product is not on BB website). This product is refillable. Remember if you wanna buy this foundation, make sure the casing is white color, others are black color casing.

I chose powder foundation is because I have combination skin (my T-zone is very oily). Powder will absorb the oil and make it not so cakey. This BB Foundation is very good as it appears like my own skin with just a tiny layer of it. It does not give you cakey results. It absorb to your skin perfectly. Besides, it has a brightening effect whereby your face will look more semangat and shiny (not oily).

I could not remember the price of this product as I bought one year ago, I think is around RM120 if I am not mistaken. I believe that I need to invest in a good foundation as it will be on your face for the whole day. This is the most expensive foundation that I ever bought. BB products are slightly higher priced than other makeup brand.

I seldom finish using a foundation as its either make my face oily, cakey or it clogs my pores. But this time, by the look of it (I manage to use it until the bottom appears), I think I can stick to this foundation for quite some time without any problem.


JingFei said...

mun, i started using Loreal true match minerals foundation and they work well. give it a try after your BB has finished

siewmun said...

Nicole! Thanks for dropping by.
Ok, will give it a try. I think I will buy it even though my BB is not finished. n my itchy hands.
I heard Make Up Forever and Laura Mercier mineral foundation also not bad. But quite pricey.