Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Blisters on Feet!

I remember I wore my first pair of heels (2") when I worked in SASA after form 5. After the first day of work, my legs were numb. When I woke up from my bed the next day, the minute my feet touched the floor, I immediately lifted them up! Imagine electrical shock on your feet. I cant even walk lei. That was my first experience with high heels.

The reason why I am not a shoe-shopaholic is because I seldom find a pair of comfortable shoes. The comfortable ones normally are leather, and it comes with a more higher pricing. My working court shoes are all leather and I paid like RM150 for each pair because I believe that you will be in this heels for 8 hours in office and I definately need to invest.

I would prefer buy clothes rather than buying shoes is because clothes if is not comfortable, it will not hurt, but shoes if not comfortable, it hurts dem bad! See.... that was the first day I wore my newly bought Nose black peep-toe shoes. Ended up with 3 plaster on my feet. The scar that is not on the toes (bottom arrow) are caused by my Japanese slippers. Sigh, you cant escape anyway with slippers. My poor feet. Let you see a closer look on the blister on my toe (bottom pic).

People say Girls are all "Oi Leng Ng Oi Meng" one. I totally can understand that! When I see a girl with a very very high heels (at least 4"), I wonder how they can walk in that pair of shoes. And sometimes, you will see girls dragging their feet while they are walking or limping limping like that, that shoe must hurt like mad! Guess all girls have to go through this experience hor?

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