Monday, October 27, 2008

Banned Whitening Products

Headline in New Sunday Times yesterday "BANNED BUT STILL ON SALE". This article talks about certain whitening products contained banned chemicals already being banned by Ministry of Health but are still available in the market. What a shocker! These banned chemicals are hydroquinone and retinoic acid / tretinoin.

According to Dr Low Bin Tick, long term used of hydroquinone strips the skin of melanin (its natural pigment), and can cause permanent damage to cells that produce pigmentation. This will increase the risk of getting skin cancer as there is no melanin to filter off the ultraviolet ray from the sun.

These are some tips from National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau on how not to be a victim:
- Check the ingredient list
- Avoid ingredients that you are allergic to
- Check the instruction on how to use the product, manufacturing date, expiry date, warning statements, product claims
- Verify product's status on NPCB website,

The article in NST also listed down the banned cosmetics. Out of the list, the only one that I heard of is Cellnique Skin Whitening Plus II and Skin Whitening Essence I.

I was a fan of whitening products 2 years ago, I used whitening range for cleanser, essence, moisturizer and mask. I was so scare of pigmentation at that time. Later, I heard people saying that whitening products can bleach your skin (I do not know how true is that statment), thats the reason why people become fairer and fairer. So I decided to switch to something else. Now, I am a fan of hydration range of products. I only use whitening essence for my freckles area, I didnt apply the whole face.

Anyway, Snow White-wannabe must be careful in choosing the products. Be a smart and wise consumer.

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