Friday, October 17, 2008

Avene - Thermal Spring Water

Heard rave reviews on this product. Normally I would not consider buying this type of product as it is not a routine skincare job for me. Routine one would be cleanser, toner & moisturizer, then mask, whitening essence, and sunblock. I bought this because I heard it is very good for replenishing moisture for your face. You know, once we lack of moisture, fine lines will appear.

Avene actually is originated from France Eau Thermale Avene, the No. 1 dermo-cosmetic in France. Its range of products have basis in dermatology treatments. It is specifically designed for skin sensitive and prone to allergy people. Thus, it is very safe to use. They even have an institute in France to treat serious skin problem people with this spring water.

I bought this for RM32.90/150ml from SASA during sales time. It comes in a small bottle of 50ml as well for ladies who want to keep one in her bag. It claims to soothe and soften your skin. You can spray it anytime, anywhere on your body includes baby butt if you are a mummy. Furthermore, you can spray after a workout in gym, or after exposure to sun, or kena sunburn, or after waxing your leg etc.

For me, I always spray before applying makeup (to set my makeup) and in the afternoon after lunch then I spray again. It feels very comfortable after spraying, your skin feels soft and smooth. That day when I was in Pulau Kapas, I brought this along to spray on my face and shoulder whenever I feel hot. As a result, I didnt get a sunburn, how lucky. Besides, people who work in office always have dehydrated skin due to long hours in air con. This would be a boost of moisturizer.

I would recommend people who are with dehydrated skin and allergic skin to skin Avene range of products. Easy to use, just one spray whenever you need a boost. I just love this product!

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