Sunday, October 19, 2008

Asia Cafe - Subang

Went out for dinner with boy boy, my bro, kwei n annie in Asia Cafe. I have been to Asia Cafe once only and it was in an afternoon. This is the first time having dinner there. Same concept as Ming Tien but I think here has more varieties and more "classier". Vietnam Lemongrass Chicken (RM7.50) - Not bad.

Boy boy ordered fish head meehoon (yue tau mai) - taste-wise quite tasteless the soup.

Me with a wai sek mouth ordered Tako Yaki (RM4 for 6 biji) - So-so only, i prefer the one in Ming Tien which is more flavourful.
My bro ordered Sweet n Sour Pork rice. The minute he ate, he regretted liao.

My bro ordered chicken wings (RM8.40 for 4) - Smell nice but tasteless.

Someone's fingers are featured in the photo above. Hahaha. Cockels (RM6).
As a whole, this place is good for variety, but is quite expensive though.

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