Sunday, October 12, 2008

ANTM Cycle 11

I am a loyal fan of America Next Top Model series. I have watched from Cycle 1 till this cycle which is Cycle 11. I always have 1 or 2 favourite that I want her to win the ANTM in every cycle. But somehow or rather, my prediction is only 50/50 correct. Sometimes, I agree with the judges, but sometimes I wonder why she chose this particular girl to win. Still struggling to see how Tyra choose the winner: by personality? by photos? by look? by catwalk? I do not know.Picture courtesy of

Now, the Cycle 11 has come to 7 contestants left. My favourites are still in the running, which are Elina and Mckey. Elina has strong portfolios since starting of the contest, but the judges said she controls herself too much during photoshoots. Now, her photos are not as striking as starting of the cycle. I hope she can change it before its too late. On the other hand, Mckey has strong features and take stunning photos every single time. But I think she couldnt handle a commercial.

Next week is the commercial shoot for Cover Girl, if Elina and Mckey could not handle it, I am afraid that they couldnt win the contest. My another pick is Joslyn, that last black girl standing, who has great personality with high-pitch voice and ok-looking photos. She might win if she catches up next week.

Until now, my favourite photoshoot is the one shooting haf face above the water - only the eyes will emerge from the water but other features below the eyes are below the water. Photographer was Nigel Barker, who as usual, produce stunning photos.

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