Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Blisters on Feet!

I remember I wore my first pair of heels (2") when I worked in SASA after form 5. After the first day of work, my legs were numb. When I woke up from my bed the next day, the minute my feet touched the floor, I immediately lifted them up! Imagine electrical shock on your feet. I cant even walk lei. That was my first experience with high heels.

The reason why I am not a shoe-shopaholic is because I seldom find a pair of comfortable shoes. The comfortable ones normally are leather, and it comes with a more higher pricing. My working court shoes are all leather and I paid like RM150 for each pair because I believe that you will be in this heels for 8 hours in office and I definately need to invest.

I would prefer buy clothes rather than buying shoes is because clothes if is not comfortable, it will not hurt, but shoes if not comfortable, it hurts dem bad! See.... that was the first day I wore my newly bought Nose black peep-toe shoes. Ended up with 3 plaster on my feet. The scar that is not on the toes (bottom arrow) are caused by my Japanese slippers. Sigh, you cant escape anyway with slippers. My poor feet. Let you see a closer look on the blister on my toe (bottom pic).

People say Girls are all "Oi Leng Ng Oi Meng" one. I totally can understand that! When I see a girl with a very very high heels (at least 4"), I wonder how they can walk in that pair of shoes. And sometimes, you will see girls dragging their feet while they are walking or limping limping like that, that shoe must hurt like mad! Guess all girls have to go through this experience hor?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tropic Thunder

Scott and I went and watch Tropic Thunder together with Nikky and Suyin. I am not fond of these type of "mou liu" movies but since I got nothing to do that day, we will just tag along. Anyway, looking forward to watch Downey Jr as I loves him in Iron Man movie.

This movie is about a few actors from all different backgrounds and successes gather together to film a true war story. They got dumped at an unknown forrest for filming and went into true enemy.

This movie featured whole lots of actors/actresses with cameo appearance. You will be busy spotting them. Among a few are Tyra Banks, Lance Bass, Tom Hanks (I didnt manage to spot him), Jennifer Love Hewitt, Martin Lawrence, Tobey Macguire (Spiderman guy), Alicia Silverstone, Sean Penn, Jon Voight etc.

Spot Tom Cruise in his outrageous outfit! This outfit comes with a fatsuit, fake large hands and fake bald wig. His character is super bland and super fouled-mouth with super lame dance moves. Barely recognise him except his lips. Originally, he was supposed to cameo Matthew McCougney's character as Ben Stiller's agent. But the crew reworked the script and create the character Les for him.

I think you should watch this movie in VCD as a lot of words are being censored, is like almost one full sentence being cut. Quite vulgar as well. Some articles said that this movie is offending the retarded people, but I do think that "is just a movie anyway", so why bother?

I like Ben Stiller's muscle, dont know whether he got touch-up or not or really is his real muscle. And I like Robert Downey Jr potraying an American-African with a thick Australia accent, he has this weird move in the movie playing Kirk.

If you ask me to rate this movie, I will rate 1 out of 5 stars for story line and 3 star for the acting (just because of Downey Jr).

Monday, October 27, 2008

Restoran Ho Fun - SS2

Decided to try out this restaurant with Scott and Nikky. Scott ordered Curry Mee (RM5.80). He claimed that the mee tasted ok. I tried the soup is it tasted average. You can find better curry mee else where.
I ordered Prawn Wantan Hor Fun (RM5.30). It came with 5 pieces of wantan. The soup was so-so only. Nothing to shout about.
Nikky ordered dried Ipoh Ho Fun (RM5.80). He said that is not nice at all.

I will think twice if I were to visit this place again. Restoran Ho Fun - No. 18, Jalan SS2/63, 47630 Petaling Jaya. Tel: 78741878. It is located at the same row as Kei Tak Sek Dessert Shop.

Elements Shoes

My fetish for shoes continues. I always like Elements (they have boutique in The Curve and Pyramid) clothing as they have good quality working clothes at an affordable price, nice cutting as well. I have 2 pants and 2 skirts bought from Elements. Never look at their shoe collection before until my mum bought a pair of Mary Jane ballerina type of shoe from there. Therefore, decided to continue my hunt for shoes there.

Elements pricing is like 10%-15% higher than Nose shoes but I think is quite reasonable considering their shoes are more comfortable than Nose. I was hunting for a black high heels which has the elegant look. I tried a few and I love this peep-toe with ribbon on top.

The material is like a PVC-kind shiny material and it is like 3.5" high. Anyway, I made sure that when I wore this pair of heels, I will not be taller than my boy boy. Haha. Bought this pair of heels for RM69.

I suppose to buy ONE pair of heels only, but when I saw this pair (bottom pic), I told myself that I really need to own this pair! It looked so cute with the ribbon (I told you that I cant resist anything with ribbons) and the heels was just nice. Beige color is quite easy to match clothes. Ended up I bought this for RM59.

The Elements shoe box comes with a hole at the side. I assume that when you stack your shoe boxes, you can see what shoe is inside the box, and no need to flip open every box to find your preferred shoe. I think this is good for people who owns like more than 10 pairs of shoes.

Definately will visit Elements again if I am hunting for some nice shoes.

Kedai Makanan Hin Long - Kepong

This restaurant is another gem hidden in Kepong. Kwei, Annie, Nikky, Scott and me headed towards Restaurant Hin Long for dinner. Again, thanks to them who are so enthusiastic about food blogging, so eager for me to review this restaurant. Haha.

We ordered Thai Style Beancurd - RM8. The sauce was very nice, and "thai-liscious"! Does not lose out if you compare with a Thai restaurant.
Yin Yong (2 style) Kai Lan - RM10. This type of dish normally is very hard to find in a normal dai chao (chinese cooking) unless is the higher-end type of Chinese Restaurant, which is very pricey. I was suprised that they have it here! The stredded kai lan was very crunchy, with the adding of ikan billis, it adds the omph to this dish.
Marmite Pork Ribs - RM15. This dish tasted quite nice.

Banana Leaf Sizzling Sotong - RM15. Is a must-try in this restaurant, is their signature dish. You could not find it anywhere. The curry sauce was indeed flavourful and the sotong was fresh! Plus a tad of banana leaf smell adding flavour to this dish (the banana leaf was placed under the sotong). Woop! Is a must-order dish. Highly recommended.
We finished every single piece of it!
After the meal, this restaurant gives a plate of complimentary fruits. To a diner, anything Free is an added plus point. Another plus point of this restaurant is that you can bring your own fish and ask them to cook! There were an incident whereby a customer took flew the fish worth of RM2000 (Yup, is not a typo, is really is two thousand) from Sabah and ask the owner to cook for them. You can see the picture of the owner holding the fish if you are seated insides the restaurant.

As a whole, all five of us are very satisfied customers. Definately worth a second visit.

Kedai Makanan Hin Long - 1-G, Jalan Prima 1, Pusat Niaga Metro Prima Kepong. Tel: 62579729. If you are coming from PJ, go into Kepong road. After you see Jaya Jusco Kepong on your right --> turn right at the traffic lights then this restaurant is on your left.

Restoran Phang Key - OUG

Nikky came and find me and Scott for breakfast. He brought us to Restoran Phang Key in OUG for dim sum. Nikky, who has been there once and only knows that this restoran located in OUG --> no address at all. Haha. We directed him to Taman OUG and he called for help and we managed to find this restaurant, located quite deep in the housing area.
How can be a dimsum eating out without siu mai (pork dumpling) and har gao (prawn dumpling) right? The siumai was ok and the har gao tasted quite nice but only the skin is not wrapped tight enough. Once you use your chopstick and pick it up, the inner part all fell off (or is it my skill lousy?).
The Yao Char Gwai (left) and the fuchuk (right) tasted quite nice.

The Fong Jao (chicken feet) was tastey! The fishball paste on top of a tofu (right) was not bad.
The prawn siumai (bottom left) was okay, prawn dumpling (right) was nice, and the peidan siumai (top left).
2 plates of Chee Cheong Fun, quite standard taste, and the WuKok (Yam) was tastey.
The small plate of dimsum cost RM2.80 and big plate dimsum cost RM3. I think the chee cheong fun and wukok cost RM4 if I am not mistaken. This was what 3 of us had, more than 10 plates of dimsum and other things. Just because Nikky and Scott want me to try out the variety for me to blog about it and I think we did over-ordered. Stomach was so fulled the whole day. Haha.

I do not have the address but I can give you the directions. If you are coming from old klang road (from Mid Valley direction), if you see Plaza OUG (there is a Parkson inside) --> turn left at traffic light. Then keep right and turn right at the traffic light. Go straight and turn left at the second traffic light (first traffic light cannot turn left). Then go all the way straight, pass the shops and pass the housing area until a big cross junction --> turn right, and the restaurant will be on your left (Jalan Sedap).

Restoran Sin Yit Sing - Seremban

We (Scott, Nikky, Ka Weng and me) are meeting Kwei and Annie in Seremban for dinner. They said that the crabs there are delicious. So, thanks to boy boy who is so supportive of my food blogging, drove us there. Is not a long drive actually, approximately 1 hour from PJ. Restoran Sin Yit Sing is located at a stranded area but supprisingly full of people. We waited for like 10minutes for a place.
We ordered Coconut Chicken Soup, like a herbal-based soup like that. 2 coconut soup for RM32. Is a bit pricey though, but the soup was sweet, and a lot of herbs and chicken inside. I wish they could put more "kei ji" inside though. Next came the Beggar Chicken (Hak Yee Kai) - RM38 for a whole chicken. The sauce is almost similar to the Coconut chicken. Taste-wise was ok.
Potato Leaf Vegetable (Fan Shu Miu) -RM12. Very garlicky if you like garlic. I like it.

Fish Head Noodle (Yue Tao Mai) - RM10. This is quite cheap for such a big portion. I think they put too much pepper in the soup (for me, I like heavy pepper). Fish was very fresh. Worth every cent.
Last but not least was the Crab - RM60 for 1.5kg crab. We took the original taste crab, which they are famous for. It came with a bowl of chilli sauce. The chilli sauce tasted like chicken rice chilli sauce. I prefer to eat it in its original flavour. Superbly tasty. The only thing is that is a tad expensive.

The total damage was RM172.40. Restoran Sin Yit Sing - No. 103, Taman A.S.T, Jalan Labu Lama, 70200 Seremban. Tel: 012-6020122 / 012-6780968.

Banned Whitening Products

Headline in New Sunday Times yesterday "BANNED BUT STILL ON SALE". This article talks about certain whitening products contained banned chemicals already being banned by Ministry of Health but are still available in the market. What a shocker! These banned chemicals are hydroquinone and retinoic acid / tretinoin.

According to Dr Low Bin Tick, long term used of hydroquinone strips the skin of melanin (its natural pigment), and can cause permanent damage to cells that produce pigmentation. This will increase the risk of getting skin cancer as there is no melanin to filter off the ultraviolet ray from the sun.

These are some tips from National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau on how not to be a victim:
- Check the ingredient list
- Avoid ingredients that you are allergic to
- Check the instruction on how to use the product, manufacturing date, expiry date, warning statements, product claims
- Verify product's status on NPCB website,

The article in NST also listed down the banned cosmetics. Out of the list, the only one that I heard of is Cellnique Skin Whitening Plus II and Skin Whitening Essence I.

I was a fan of whitening products 2 years ago, I used whitening range for cleanser, essence, moisturizer and mask. I was so scare of pigmentation at that time. Later, I heard people saying that whitening products can bleach your skin (I do not know how true is that statment), thats the reason why people become fairer and fairer. So I decided to switch to something else. Now, I am a fan of hydration range of products. I only use whitening essence for my freckles area, I didnt apply the whole face.

Anyway, Snow White-wannabe must be careful in choosing the products. Be a smart and wise consumer.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Nose Shoes

Wanted to buy shoes for quite some time already but couldnt see something that I like. Maybe I limit the budget too low I think, that's why couldnt buy any. I thought RM35 can buy a decent pair of shoes but I was wrong I guess. Plus I am not a "shoe person" (I only have 5 pairs of shoes - sport shoes, ballerina shoes, slippers, 2 heels), so its quite hard for me to buy shoes. So I decided to raise my budget slightly higher so that I can buy a pair of shoes. My ballerina shoes for walking is really fully utilized by me until it really cannot stand already (the skin came off, the bottom peeled off). So I am soooooo desperate to buy shoes!

Today after lunch and went to Nose KLCC to see see look look with Phui Yee, a shoecaholic (shoe-shopaholic --> you cant even imagine how many pairs of shoes she owned). I told her that I am looking for a pair of walking shoes that I can walk to work everyday and a pair of heels that can I wear to pak toh. We tried quite a number of pairs and I trust her taste to say which one looks nice on me (or on her as well).

Bought this black peep-toe (now peep-toe is so IN) for RM55.90. Is only 1.5 inch high and the material is slightly cushion type, so is quite comfortable. So i decided to wear this to office as walking shoes.Then I bought this red heels (quite daring for me!) for RM53.90 cause it looks so sexy. The heels are like 2.5 inch tall, and the material is also not bad, got ribbon somemore (I couldn't resist anything with ribbons, and is quite comfortable). Now need to think of what dress / clothes to match this heels.

They are having promotion now --> buy more than RM100 is entitled to RM10 coupon. They deduct the RM10 on the spot. My total is RM109.90 but they deduct RM10, so i just need to pay RM99.80. Is like a 10% discount.

Really need to thanks Phui Yee for accompanying me to buy shoes. Whoever wanna buy shoes can tag her along, she will give you honest opinions. Now, I so wanna buy another few pairs of shoes!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Silk Whitia - Collagen Milky Mask

Another mask post! Guess I am too addicted to sheet mask, am I? This time I would like to recommend Silk Whitia Highly-concentrated Collagen Milky Mask. Note the word "Highly Concentrated". They do mean it! is really really thick essence contained inside the packet.
I was told by the salesgirl that this mask is the best selling mask in Hong Kong. How could I not try best-selling items. Furthermore, I have not seen a mask with milk extract inside (now got too many melamine cases, but as long as I dont eat it, is still ok right). So is a must try for me (3 months ago still dont have melamine outpour).
This mask contains hydrated protein, fresh milk extract, ascorbate V-C and active botanical extracted. It has milky flavour in it (smells like it) and I quite like the smell. As the content implies, its purpose is for hydration. It did hydate my skin without any sticky feeling on it.

I like the texture of the mask and the essence of it. But what I do not like is that you have to rinse with water after 20 minutes of application. For me, if you wash it off, is a wastage. But if you put too long and do not rinse off with water, you will ended up getting pimples as this mask is very rich in nutrients. After rinsing, my face feels very fresh.

Bought this in Sasa during sales, I think is around RM50 - RM55 for 5 pieces. Absolutely worth the price!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Jogoya Promotion

Promotion 1:

Hey guys, bump into this promotion from Jogoya "Buy 6 Free 2 at Jogoya"! Which means come in 6 and 2 gets to dine for free! The statement sounds confusing right = pay for 6 free for 2 (total 8 people) OR pay for 4 free for 2 (total 6 people)? Better clarify first before we go.

Anyway, sounds good right? BUT...... it is only valid from Monday - Thursday only AND dinner time is limited to 2 hours only AND not valid on eve & the day of public holiday AND other terms and conditions apply (I wonder what is it).

Starting from 5th November 2008 to 30 November 2008. Dinner buffet price at RM88++. For reservation, please call 03-21421268.

Promotion 2:

Oh ya, they are having another promotion as well in conjuction with 3rd Anniversary. 50% off for buffet prices for ladies (sorry guys!). Similar conditions (valid from Monday - Thursday, 2 hrs dinning, not valid on eve and public holidays). Starting from 13 October 2008 to 19 December 2008.

Anyone interested? Which promotion is more worth it?

Dejavu - Fiberwig Mascara

This is another product that I heard rave reviews on it. Having small eyes + inner double eyelit means that I got to have a good mascara that can elongate my lashes. Since CLEO magazine has this exchange program coupon for mascara in SASA Cineleisure, I exchanged it with my Loreal mascara.

My dad did the exchange for me, and he was in the line for 1 hour & 15 minutes. Not that they have a long Q. Is just that the coupon said 10am (my dad reach there at 10am and the 6th person waiting) and the sales girl came in at 11am then only open the shop at 11.15am after they makeup despite 20 ppl waiting outside. My dad was so angry. I was angry as well when he told me the story. If you open at 11am, just state in the coupon as 11am la. And when you reach, seeing so many people waiting, just open the shop la. Wasting people's time only. Another thing was that I already filled up the couple with my personal details, the SASA girls ask them fill up the same thing again for redemption, stupid or wat???? I blacklist SASA at Cineleisure liao.

OK, I am suppose to do a review here. But the first impression was very bad liao. Since it was an exchange program, you cant choose the color. I got a brown color. It came in a small red bag (like a wallet thingy, but the fur is very sticky, that's why I threw it away liao) without any packaging, which means without any instructions on how to use it. I highlighted this is because the usage is the other way round = you apply mascara first then you curl your lash. Normally is curl first then apply.

I followed the instruction, but it just lengthen up a little bit. Not that "super curl with length" that this product claimed. I do not know the expiry date of this product (as it was an exchange program without packaging), but it did cause itchiness and irritates my eyes (my tears keep coming out). 3 times of usage, 3 times also like that. That's it. I am not using this anymore and I am not spending a penny on this product.

Kate - Cheek Color

I use Kate Cheek Color as my blusher during my working days. I like to use blusher mainly because I do not apply eye shadow or I apply nude eyeshadow during working days. Thus I have to highlight my cheek so that it will stand out. Besides, I like rosy cheek as well.
As you can see, it comes with a mini blusher brush (although my actual makeup blusher brush in my makeup box is quite big) and 2 shades of red / pink. When you have one shade as blusher, sometimes you can see obvious line separating your face color and the blusher, which is very un-natural. As such, the advantage of having 2 shades in a palette is for you to blend them over on your cheek for a natural blush.

Blusher is very important as it helps to give some redness to your cheek so that you dont look so pale (for fair skin people). Please remember do not go overboard with the blusher as you will look like a clown in the end, and do not choose a color that is too light for your skin. If you have dark skin, pink blusher is not recommended.

Just some natural touch to show natural blush.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Eye Shadow Palette

"I wan eye shadow paletter with 6 to 8 colors in it, i like pink, green, brown, purple, etc. Any suggestion ??? Any brand has it ?" - Annie

Normally it is very difficult to find a palette that has all your favourite colors in it except you choose the single color one by one and incorporate inside a palette. By doing this, the palette will have all your favourite colors, but it can cost you a bomb. That's how my makeup palette looks like.

Normally the palette will come in similar tone of colors so that it is easier to match with each other. For colors liks pink and green, which are 2 extreme colors are hard to find them together in one palette. The brands that have at least 6 colors in a palette that I found from their website are as follows:
Pic credited to

Lancome Color Design Artist Palette. The color not interesting enough, might not be what you want as this palette is more towards natural and nude colors.

Pic credited to

MAC Manish Arora 6 Color Palette. This palette looks colorful enough, comes with a brush and mirror. The packaging is very nice though. I do not know whether is available in Malaysia.

Pic credited to
Shu Uemura Palette Fleur De Terre Limited Edition - RM180. They have 3 types of palettes, but this one has the most color that you require - Pink, Brown and Green. The white can be used as highlight. The dark brown is very useful as well as it can create a smokey eye look if you know how to blend it.

Pic credited to

Shu Uemura Limited Edition Mika Holiday Collection Eye Color Palette - Adroned Marguerite. I dont think this is available in Malaysia yet as this is quite new. This palette has all the colors that you require - Pink, Green, Purple n Brown. The black is good for smokey eyes as well. Guess you have to wait for this palette to come to Malaysia if you really want this.

As for me, I will give Shu Uemura a try as their palette is really really interesting and their limited edition packaging is very nice.

Tiny Thoughts # 2

As you know, I take LRT to work everyday from Kelana Jaya Station to Ampang Park Station. Since the first station is KJ station, if you want to grab a seat, you can choose not to go in when the train comes until you are lining up front enough to grab a seat.

People in KJ station are kind enough to line up properly and follow their Q. However, there are someone tends to not line up and cut Q somewhere or somehow. If you wanna cut Q, just make sure that the people lining up has entered the train and the Q has stop moving, then you can go in straight without lining up. I just dont understand why some people has no courtesy at all. Below are the scenarios that I have encounter:

Scenario 1:
Train stopped, door not open yet, this guy coming up straight from the middle (The red spot - between the 2 Qs) and waiting to go in. People in Q stare at him, he acts like "dont know". Another one is coming in from the side (The Blue spot - at the side of the door) trying to cut in. Phui Yee told me that in a case like this, she was lining up as the 3rd one. A guy trying to cut in from the side, the first guy in the Q so happened to be a Mat Salleh, one hand block the door and told the guy "Please Q up". Whoa! so yao yeng man! But this cutting Q guy ignored him and still standing there waiting to cut in (tak malu betul). Second guy in line didnt let him in as well. Now, you wonder what Phui Yee did right .... she used her elbow to block that guy away (fuiyo... she is so yeng as well!).

Scenario 2:
This was what I encountered today, really creative! I waited for everyone in front of me went in the LRT and I stopped and waited. So I was the first in line. Just before the door closed, this guy came out from the LRT (yup, you heard me right --> CAME OUT from LRT) and lined in front of me. I was like "what the heck!" He wasnt in front of my line just now. What I could think of was that he entered through another door then he came out from the door in front of me, so that he can be the first in line. I am so pissed with him, luckily I got a seat, if not I will be cursing him the whole day. Think of how Malaysians can be so creative nowadays.

Scenario 3:
When you see an old man / old lady come in, you have to give up your seat for him / her right? This is common sense and common knowledge. What I saw was these 2 guys (1 guy 1 girl that do not know each other) seating in front of me. In one station, one old couple came in (it was very obvious that they are very old, furthermore the old lady is blind), they stood in front of these 2 guys. These guys were not sleeping and eyes are wide open, and the acted like "didnt see you". OMG! What were you all thinking! Phui Yee and I keep on staring at both of them. Until the train moved, only they stood up UNWILLINGLY to let the old couple seat.

Where are these people COURTESY??? Curse them!

MAC - Lip Palette

This Lip Palette by MAC is limited edition. I forgotten how much I bought it for. Its casing is very nice as it is golden in color. The taste is vanilla flavour (not that I eat it, but it smells like that).
It comes with 2 lip color, 1 lip gloss, 1 lip brush and a mirror. As such, it is very convenient to carry around in my handbag. Both lip colors are very natural. If you have intense eye makeup then you should go with the lighter lip color while if you have plain eye makeup, the darker lip color will look nice. The lip gloss adds shine to your lips to make it looks fuller.

I would advise you to use a lip brush to apply your lip stick as it will be more natural and it will cover the cracks / lines on your lips. Thus, this lip palette is very useful for application.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Doggie Spotting

Was waiting in the car for boy boy to buy some stuff and look what I found! a Shih Tzu in the car! can you spot it? Once I started flashing my camera, it got so excited and play hide and seek with me, sometimes pop up sometimes hiding --> now u see me ... now u dont. So cute!

That's its butt.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Asia Cafe - Subang

Went out for dinner with boy boy, my bro, kwei n annie in Asia Cafe. I have been to Asia Cafe once only and it was in an afternoon. This is the first time having dinner there. Same concept as Ming Tien but I think here has more varieties and more "classier". Vietnam Lemongrass Chicken (RM7.50) - Not bad.

Boy boy ordered fish head meehoon (yue tau mai) - taste-wise quite tasteless the soup.

Me with a wai sek mouth ordered Tako Yaki (RM4 for 6 biji) - So-so only, i prefer the one in Ming Tien which is more flavourful.
My bro ordered Sweet n Sour Pork rice. The minute he ate, he regretted liao.

My bro ordered chicken wings (RM8.40 for 4) - Smell nice but tasteless.

Someone's fingers are featured in the photo above. Hahaha. Cockels (RM6).
As a whole, this place is good for variety, but is quite expensive though.

Layla Walk In Closet

After the lunch, Caroline and Sze Ting said no clothes to go for Sharon's wedding. Where else could I think of besides Layla Walk In Closet! Before that I told them that I am not trying or buying any stuffs from there, because every single time I step into this boutique, I sure ended with at least 2 pieces of clothing. Last time I bought 5 dresses at one go.
At first, both of them trying on with the clothes. After that, I ended trying a few pieces (already trying to control myself not to try too many pieces). So ended up I bought 2 pieces of clothes. swt. But I really like wo...It fits my body very well.
Dress with batik print - RM55.90 - 10%

Kimono-inspired top - RM49.90 - 10%
They are having sales now, but I am not sure until when. 10% on New Arrivals - both the clothes above are new arrivals, & some other 20%, 30% and 50% discounts. Caroline bought 4 pieces (2 tops and 2 dresses) for RM150 after discount. She tried on like 20 over clothes! We spent 2 hours there.

If you have the similar taste as me. This boutique you definately need to drop by! Is at Damansara Uptown, same row as Starbucks Coffee. No. 86-M, SS21/39, Damansara Utama (Above Kiosk).