Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Tiny Thoughts # 4

I have been thinking whether to post this up or not since last week, as I think I might offend someone because I might use some harsh and offensive words here. Since today is the last day of the year (just to blurt out my frustration before the new year), and this is my own personal blog to blog about my personal view, I decided to post this up.

Lately, I do not know why girls like to call my boy boy and chat, and everytime they did it when I am around with him. Dejavu or what? And they talked for quite long lei. Let me show you the incidence:

Incidence 1:

This happened 3 months ago. My phone bill arrived and when it was freaking more than RM200. I have 3 sub-lines, which are my mum, boy boy and boy boy's car (will tell you next time why his car has a sim card). Normally, my mum's bill is around RM12, car is around RM10 point something, and boy boy's RM40 - RM50 like that, while mine is around RM55. So I am expecting around RM120 bill but when I saw RM200+, I was shocked.

So I did what a normal human being will do in this situation - check the bill. Mum's ok, car's ok, mine's ok, then when I saw boy boy's one RM100+ .... that's the culprit. Check again his call log, there were 2 separate calls with the same number cost RM37 each time(for 1 hour I think). Hor~!!! Instantly I was thinking who he spoke to for so long and so dem expensive?

Later at night, I confronted him (not to say confront la, I asked in a very nice way ok). He was shocked that his bill rose up so high then only he realised that he called to a friend (a girl friend) who is based in Dubai now. Then the questions came,

"who is she?"

"why you talk to her for so long?"

"She dont have boyfriend one meh?"

"both of you very close one ar?"

"Why you have to call her?"

Before I start thinking of the worst, he assured me by saying, "If I were to stray, I wont use this phone and call lor." OK, that was the assurance he gave me. No such call for the following few months. Story closed. So the lesson for guys is to never sub your gf's phone line. Cause you do not know what will happen when you go side track abit.

Incidence 2:

One sunday afternoon when I was with him, his hp rang and he picked up. For the first four calls (yup, the same girl called four times every 30 minutes), he talked about office work, quotation, and stuffs. So should be his colleague lor like that. Sounds normal right?

Then fifth call came, I was very very annoyed by that time as I was trying to get my afternoon nap. Throughout the whole conversation I was widely awake (the first four calls, I was still blur and didnt bother to listen carefully). The conversation lasted for 30 minutes. It was fine with me if you are talking about office work. However, this fifth call was not about office work, it had gone into something personal already. I knew it through his answers.

After he put down the phone, when he turned his head at look at me, he was shocked! He thought I was asleep soundly (maybe he had forgotten that I am a light sleeper), while I stared my eyes big big at him. Hor~!!! This look means 'trouble' I tell you.

"Your colleague ar?"

"Why need to do quotation during weekends?"

"She dont know how to do meh?"

"Call you so many times for what?"

"Then why she talked about other things beside office work?"

Again, I must stressed that I sounded very nice ok. I didnt scold him or whatever. Again he assured me that, "we are colleagues only". The he asked me back, "you talked to HSK also like that what". Aiks! Do something wrong still wanna fire me back? Then I told him that me and HSK are friends, not colleagues liao, plus we do not talk like what you and your 'colleague' talk just now. So the lesson is talk about office work only with your colleagues.

Incidence 3:

Christmas Eve.

When his sis brought in JunLam for us to take care, suddenly his phone rang and he went out of the room. Left me taking care of JunLam. Actually nothing to take care also la, JL was asleep soundly. Then scott's phone rang (I took a look, only numbers were displayed, no name), once, twice (full ringing length ya), thrice (scott was downstairs bathing) and forth. Every 5 minutes a call. Then the fifth time, Scott was back and he picked up and he went down.

30 minutes, JL started to cry and I started to panicked. His mum came in and handled the 'situation'. Scott was not back from his call yet. For the first time, he picked up a call and left 'out of my sight'. I was pissed.

1 hour later, he came up, then I asked him, "do you need to go to the kitchen and talked for one hour?". Funnily enough he replied, "eh, how you know one?". Duh, your house very big meh? I just cant hear what you talk only ma, or maybe that was the reason you went out of the room and hide somewhere and talk so that I cant hear your conversation?

The same questions as above popped out by me again. This time it is a girl that he got to know from PC fair. Harlow, PC fair just ended 1 week ago and you so daring to make a move on a guy? This girl must be something. The girl wanna ajak him out for celebrating christmas wo, ask him where is he now, where is he celebrating etc etc. Why dont you ask him the most important question, "are you available?" first before you proceed with your attacks?

Pissed. Dem Pissed. At her. Not Scott.

Incidence 4:

Christmas Day.

Shopping happily with Scott in Sunway Pyramid. This time, I forgotten that this PC fair girl called while we were walking in mall or he called while we on the way back, maybe both I think. I just know that she asked where is he, what time you going back, where are you going later etc etc la.

A girlfriend's instinct straight away tell me that this girl is tackling my guy! Where got people call so many times during festive season and ajak a guy out? and this guy just wont tell her to back off. or maybe he is enjoying the sensation of 'being tackled' by a girl? Scott dont dare to go out with her as he scares that I will think nonsense things if he dont teman me during holidays / weekends. You are wrong! I am starting to think nonsense things even if you dont out with her!

Girl, whoever you are, please back off. Do not spoil a good relationship and do not make yourselves a b**ch. Dont you dare come in front of me and say that "I just wanna be friends with him", "I love him a lot", "You dont deserve him", "He dont loves you anymore" etc etc (becoming like Vivian Chow's case already). If a guy were to stray, the starting point is from you. You dont go and tackle guys who are engaged in a relationship. Whatever you did to a women in a relationship, it will come back to you one day. You break a women's heart (by snatching off her guy), your heart will be broken twice as much. Yes, this is my curse to a third party girl. A guy who stray off, I will not have heart for him anymore, and I will stratch your car.

Pissed. Dem Pissed. At her. and At him.

This time, he assured me by saying, "you jealous ar? no need to be jealous la, you know I sayang you what". WTH.

I am not jealous. I am insecured. The insecurity is butterflying in my stomach, my head, and my heart. Wasnt a guy suppose to give his girl a sense of security? This being the very first criteria of a relationship? Or maybe I am old already, bored of looking at me already..... no more freshness? Or maybe he needs something more younger and more active and more exciting? If that is the reason that my relationship is breaking up, I will not tolerate and I will not accept it, and I will still stratch your car.

Maybe not so serious la, my relationship is fine, not to worry. Is just that a girl like me might think too much sometimes, or maybe out of the box already. I bet this girl gonna call again tonight? or maybe during now? I do not know and I do not dare to imagine. Now, whenever Scott's phone rings, I will panic! See, how big the impact can be done to me?

Monday, December 29, 2008

Kari Kepala Ikan Bintang - Puchong

Annie ajak us for dinner in Puchong saying that the curry fish head is very famous. Being a curry fish head or asam fish head lover, I couldnt resisit to say no to it, couldnt I? This restaurant is hidden somewhere inside Kinrara, really never been to this area before.

We reached there around 7.45pm like that, suprisingly it wasnt packed as what I have imagined. Once you hear the word 'famous', you will expect a crowd waiting for seats. Once we reached there, we were ushered into an air-conditioned room (they have outdoor tables as well).

Steamed Mui Choy with Pork Belly Slices (Thanks Annie for searching me the English name for this dish). Lots of mui choy embedded below the pork and the pork served not so much of fats, quite tasty.

Fu Yu Yao Mak. This dish was ok, hope they put more fu yu.

Home-made Beancurd. The beancurd was very soft and smooth.

The restaurant's famous curry fish head! Came with a hot claypot with boiling curry! The claypot was huge...compared to it, Nikky's hand was much more smaller (his hand was scooping up the fish for my photoshoot). Lots of vegetables (long beans, lady fingers, and brinjals), taofupok, and massive amout of fish (not too much fish meat lor). The fish was fresh, and the curry was not sooo spicy until it makes your lips cramp. It was just nice. I prefer this compared to the one stall in Seapark famous for curry fish head.

The curry fish head is priced at RM35 (S), RM40 (M) and RM50 (B) if I am not mistaken. The total bill for the 4 dishes above was RM66.

Kari Kepala Ikan Bintang
L1-1, Block A, TK1/11D,
Taman Kinrara, Batu 7 1/2,
Jalan Puchong,
58200 KL.
Tel: 80702439


Went to A&W Taman Jaya for a supper on the same day.

I need to post this up as this is the first time that I see huge serving of ice cream on top of a waffle. When I said huge, it means that they served us double scoop amount of ice cream while we only ordered single scoop. Maybe the waitress like my handsome bro and Nikky. Hahahaha.

See the pictures below as proof: both also huge amount.

Nikky ordered chocolate ice cream on waffle with chocolate sirup. Wah, so chocolatey! Should add chocolate chips plus chocolate waffle. Hahaha. The ice cream looks like double scoop right? Worth the money this time around.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ip Man

After having dinner at Full House, we went to Cineleisure to watch Ip Man. The film is directed by Wilson Yip (he directed SPL as well) and martial arts choreography directed by Samo Hung. Having high hopes for this film as Ip Man is the legendary great master of Bruce Lee.

Picture credited to

I must salute Donny Yen for his role as he went on a diet of vegetables and one meal a day to obtain his figure in the movie. Remember his character in Dragon Tiger Gate, he was dem big size + muscular. In this movie, he looks good in his new look.

Dont expect to see Ip Man trains Bruce Lee during younger days as you would be disappointed. Bruce Lee character did not appear at all.

I would like to quote Ip Man's statement, "is not scare of her, is a matter of respecting her" when he was being scolded by Master Kam that he scared of his wife. Plus, Ip Man's son, Ip Chun also dem cute, he told his dad the quote of day as well!

The movie was 1 1/2 hour and it definately worth the ticket! It was filled with humours, actions and abit da violent (for me). However, the film did not state how Ip Man learn his Wing Chun kungfu (Wing Chun was originated by a lady) and how he become rich. The movie started with Ip Man, being the number 1 kungfu master in Foshan and staying in a big house. They should elaborate more since the movie is about his life as a kungfu master.


I asked Annie about Blemish Balm Cream (which is a rave in Korea) and she recommended Dr G. This brand is carried by Sasa. So before the movie, we went to Sasa Cineleisure to look for Dr G. Since I am so desperate to try out BB Cream, I bought it straight away.

Oooo... Sasa has a new tagline "Making Life Beautiful". They sure are.

They gave me this big plastic bag even though I bought just a small box of item. Hehe. Annie complained why she didnt get this bag last time.

Gowoonsesang BB Cream (RM95). Will do this review after I use it for awhile.

Remember I mentioned that I couldnt makeup my mind on which shoe to buy in Nose. I went there during my Friday lunch time and I bought this for RM25. Hehe. Cant resist Pink. I think I am becoming like Legally Blond character but not that extreme le.

Full House - NZX

Calvin ajak us to try out Full House in NiuZeXui for dinner before we proceed to the movie Ip Man. Annie made a reservation in the afternoon. So we told the waiter that we have made a reservation for 7 people under the name 'Annie'. The waiter asked us to the first floor then we told the waiter on the first floor that we have made reservation under 'Annie'. The fella searched through his paper (only 4 -5 names on it), then he said no reservation under 'Annie'.

He asked is there any other name? What the heck is this question for?? Do you normally make reservation by saying, "reserved under my name Annie, or you can reserve under Calvin as well." Who the heck will do that for reservation??? We stood there for 5 minutes waiting for the waiter and the sort of 'manager' (they were all foreigners) to sort things out.

Another 5 minutes later, Annie arrived and we told them the story. If they were to chase me out and ask me wait outside, I will definately be pissed. This is because these people there didnt jott down our reservation while we did make a reservation. You think we so free go there and said that we reserve a place while we didnt???? Luckily, we were seated 2 minutes later.

Ok, back to the restaurant. This restaurant was spotted easily along the street as they have lots of victorian style decorations, fake grass and with full white background. Looks so glamorous (you will know what I mean when you browse through the photos). So let us enjoy the food under victorian style decoration.

Looking at their tagline "Lifestyle Store and Cafe", I was wondering what is it at the first place. But when you entered the cafe, you will see that besides selling food and drinks, there were other stuffs such as clothes, souvenirs, decorations etc being sold too!

Here's the menu cover. Scott said there must be story inside connected to the food. But when we read through, no story one la. Just some comical pictures displayed for fun only.

They offers cheap western food, asian food, desserts and a wide range of drinks (from shake to tea).

Chocolate milkshake (RM6.90).

Peach milkshake (RM6.90).

Ice Lemon Tea and Laici Tea (RM5.90 each).

Mango + Mango milkshake and Mango + Grape Milkshake (RM7.90 each).

Lamb Chop (RM22.90) comes with either Thyme sauce or Rosemerry sauce. The lamb was nice according to my bro, scott and annie.

Grill Seafood Platter (RM26.90). Nikky said the fish was fresh.

Wok-ser Chicken Chop (RM14.90). This dish was quite good, the sauce was its in-house specialty covered with some raisins, while the chicken was fried to crispiness.

That was boy boy's expression when I told him that I need to take 10 photos of him and choose the best one. Dont know why he gave me this expression also. He was the one who ask me choose the best photo of him. If I have to choose the best one, of cause I have to take many many photos ma....if not how to choose lei?

This restaurant is really 'full house' during weekends. Actually the place looks big but the tables are not that many. This is because the decorations took like half of the space already. Quite wasted right. If next time I were to come to this place again, definately I will make reservation first and get the fella's name (the one who take my reservation).

As a whole, the food was ok and quite reasonably priced, but the portion is a bit small lor. Nikky and Scott also not full after eating the whole main course. Although the drinks were nice, but I think is a bit too pricey for it. No doubt that this place is a good place to hang out with friends or do some celebrations.

Full House
C-G-11, Block C,
No. 2, Jalan PJU 1A/41B,
Pusat Dagangan NZX,
Ara Jaya PJU 1A,
47301 PJ.
Tel: 78850836

Nan Xiang Mantou Dian - The Curve

After the lousy lunch in Redbox, Ray wanna have another lunch somewhere in The Curve. Since we were standing in front of this restaurant, we went in for a try.

The saucer plate a bit weird design, senget one. Hehe.

Jojo, being a vege-lover, ordered Hong Kong KaiLan with XO sauce (RM12). Actually, the real color of the kailan was a lot greener than the picture. The kailan was indeed crunchy and big chunks. The sauce were flavourful with ikan billis and dried scallops. Worth the money!

I ordered crispy seafood roll (RM7). Although the skin was crispy, and the prawn in it was big, the dish was not tasty, quite bland lor. Even though they put mayonaise in it, but it was just a small amount, it doesnt help to add flavour to the roll. They should have provide us with extra mayonaise to dip with.

Steamed Glutinous Rice (RM4.50). First time eating glutinous rice with a wrap. Tasted not bad actually but the skin was a bit tough.

Pork Meat Steamed Bun (RM8). Aiyo, this siu long bao doesnt taste nice la, the skin was thick and the soup in it was salty le. Somemore, they didnt give ginger slices, so lack of omph lor.

Ray, being hungry, ordered Fried Noodle. He said it was salty as well.

This shop has discount for Standard Chartered credit card holder. However, I still prefer Dragon-i dishes compared to this restaurant. A bit over priced and the variety is not much.

Nan Xiang Mantou Dian
Lot G41a, Ground Floor,
Mutiara Damansara, 47800 PJ.
Tel: 77252370.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Red Box - The Curve

Raymond and Jojo wanna celebrate my bro's bday in Red Box. It was a misunderstand between Ray and me. I thought he booked Neway One Utama, but the night before only I knew he booked Red Box The Curve. Then I asked him why he booked Red Box (as I have bad experience with Red Box before), then he said I mentioned Redbox. Guess I accidentally mentioned to him and I have forgotten about it. Hahaha.

Never mind, hoping that this Red Box service is different from other outlets. Me and my bro caught a quick breakfast in Hometown Kopitiam near RedBox as we are super hungry.

Since Jojo and Ray will be late, me and my bro entered Red Box first. At the counter, we were greeted by a "black face" staff. She talked to us without looking at us, this means 'R U D E' to me. 1st bad impression.

We were being urshered into Room 12, the girl who showed us the room greeted us with nice attitude, saying 'Welcome to Redbox, enjoy your singing' something like that. Most importantly with a smile. Not bad, first time I see a smile from a Redbox staff after all the visits these years. 1st good impression.

We got this big room, so surprise. Just the four of us, they gave us this big room. 2nd good impression.

We were given this piece of paper to order our set lunch. When we looked through it, we were extremely disappointed by what Redbox can offer for set lunch. Only five different sets of lunch can be ordered, and the cheapest one being Tossed Udon with chicken minced, which is RM16++. Dont feel like eating udon, me and my bro ordered sweet honey bbq chicken (RM20++) while Ray and jojo ordered udon. Lousy set lunch menu = 2nd bad impression.

After 20 minutes, a staff came in and informed us that they ran out of udon. Swt. So Jojo and Ray were forced to take the bbq chicken too. I felt that the Redbox wanna cheat the customers lor. Only offer one dish for RM16++ (we were opting for cheap and affordable lunch with karaoke), and tell us later that is out of stock, forcing you to choose the more expensive ones = 3rd bad impression.

Redbox offers a large variety of songs, which includes the latest ones. They have Jay Chow's 'Dao Siang', Rihanna's 'Disturbia', Leona Lewis, 'Better in Time', PCD's 'When I grow up' etc etc. = 3rd good impression.

During the first 20 minutes, some songs stopped in the middle of nowhere, force you to stop singing. A few times like that you know. Then until one point, the whole system hang! My bro went out wanna complain already, but someone already complaining to the staff. So, we waited for 5 minutes for the system to resume. That was our reaction while waiting (pic below). System down = 4th bad impression.

Ok, system resumed. Now, we were super hungry and they only served us the food at 12.30pm, which were like 1 hour after we ordered. Super slow service = 5th bad impression.

The sauce for the chicken was ok. However, the piece of chicken was so hard until you can throw it at a person, and the person can faint on the spot!. The vegetables were bitter as per Ray's comments. The only thing that was eatable was the potato wedges, which were crunchy. Take a look at Ray and Bro's expression (pics below) while asking them to comment on the food. Super bad food quality = 6th bad impression.

That's Jojo when asking her to pose for camera.

They took my camera to do some camwhoring.

Hmm.... I cant do camwhoring (as I look super ugly when take close pictures), so I will just continue singing.

The song selection part actually is not user-friendly. I was looking for Sammi Cheng but I couldnt find her. A singer as famous as her should have been placed at the first or second page of the screen. I gave up looking for her. Finally, my bro found her! She was at the Page 41 out of 47 pages of singers. I was so pissed at Redbox, who has time to flip through 40 over pages to find a famous singer???? = 7th bad impression.

Actually we expect Redbox to allow us to sing until 2pm (Neway did let us sang from 11am - 2pm even though the card stated till 1pm), but they didnt. They chased us out at 1.30pm. Stupid la, hang the system, jumped the music, wasted our time and didnt let us sing till 2pm = 8th bad impression.

We managed to put my camera on top of the tissue box in order to get a group photo.

As a whole, Redbox still s**ks big time! Please dont invite me to go sing K at Redbox anymore unless you are really and super confident that the service is excellent.